Sex Parties Experience What I Learned About Myself

I Had Intercourse at a Sex Party Last Weekend

I suppose you could say that, in terms of group sex encounters of any kind, I used to be fairly naive, at least about the existence of sex parties.

Please understand that I have always loved having sex and have been sexually active since I was very young. However, I had never engaged in any sexual activity that deviated from my notion of what was “regular.” which was essentially two-person intercourse performed in a living room, bedroom, shower, or other slightly more adult area of the house.

I chuckled, therefore, when my acquaintance invited me to a sex party. Really, I had no idea what she was talking about. However, I reasoned with myself, “I love dressing sexy, and I love having sex, so why not?” To be clear, I didn’t plan to have sex. However, more on that later.

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I Enjoy Pushing My Limits

I enjoyed the thought of stepping outside of my comfort zone, even though I had never engaged in public sex. I enjoy living out my own personal fantasies, but even more than that, I enjoy being invited into the fantasies of others.

I learn new things about myself and new facets of the person I’m immersed in when I enter their fantasy realm. I also push my boundaries. I enjoy feeling a little uneasy and uncertain during sexual encounters. Thus, the concept of entering a large gathering of individuals, each having their own aspirations and goals for the evening was like entering a candy store full of uncertainty and surprises.

Would someone let me see fresh aspects of them? Would they force me to confront a hidden side of myself? It truly was an adventure.

Why I Continued Attending Sex Parties

The most unexpected aspect of the sex parties was how natural everything felt. In the room, I felt at ease and normal. I thought I would feel uncomfortable, especially when I could see individuals pairing up or clustering together and having sex. In actuality, the reverse of that occurred. I had the feeling that I had found my place at last. I was surrounded by curious, fun-loving, nonjudgmental people who were deeply attached to their sexuality. They were embodied individuals who enjoyed swimming, dancing, had the occasional cocktail without becoming wasted, and still knew how to have fun while being adults.

I don’t want to romanticize sexual encounters. I’ve been to a lot of them now, and I’ve noticed that they are all different sizes and forms. Certain sex parties are aware, linked, and cognizant. Others have been populated by extremely inebriated people who didn’t appear to understand the importance of consent or care about fostering a loving and safe community. I was extremely fortunate to receive an invitation to a sex-positive, queer-positive environment, where everyone there had completed seminars on consent and communication before being permitted entry.

I continued attending the more socially conscious, community-focused sex parties because I noticed that I was growing more confident and self-aware there. Observing others freely express their wants and emotions, emotions and boundaries, I discovered that I was always assessing my feelings, my current desires, and the things I knew I would not be interested in.

What I Enjoyed About the Experience of Sex Parties

The experience of going to sex parties was enjoyable for me because it completely normalized being a sexual person, especially a woman. I left a marriage where my spouse appeared to detest having sex because I had grown up in a household that stigmatized having sex. Thus, what I discovered at sex parties was a group of individuals who recognized that having sex was a healthy, natural, beautiful, and necessary aspect of life and self-expression.

I was talking to the DJ about the last mix they had played when I turned to see a woman getting happy attention from three individuals who were obviously happy to help her every erotic whim. I finally felt at home, safe and free to be all of me.

Be Clear About Your Goals and Adaptable

Nevertheless, I attended a lot of sex parties before deciding to finally make the bold decision to have sex there.

Every time I went, I was willing to try new things, but I also made a point of paying attention to my body, my emotions, and my wants to make sure that whatever experience I had would be something I truly desired for myself. I repeatedly stuck my toe in the water, relishing in a lighthearted make-out session, a light flogging session, or an opportunity to watch a couple play together.

I allowed myself to do only what made me feel good and to tell others when I’d had enough.

Oh, this is taking place.

I was genuinely developing trust in myself by taking a risk and learning to say “yes” to things I wanted and “no” to things I didn’t. Additionally, have faith in other people to respect my limits and pay attention to my desires. This faith in both myself and other people also gave me a great deal of confidence and prepared me to take the risk.

The venue for the evening celebration was a stunning house in the Berkeley Hills. I always feel particularly sexy on nights like this one because it was abnormally warm. I adore spending cool evenings outside in my skimpy clothes and cozy blanket. It fills my body with sensual excitement and gives my hips a special sway. There they were, this stunning young duo. I do have a certain cougarness about me as an older (and maybe wiser) lady, and I do like to play with folks who are maybe a little younger and less experienced than me. These two were at a sex party, of course, so until I approached them, I had no idea how much experience they had.

I couldn’t have asked for a finer circumstance. This was only their second sex party, and they were both a little reserved. Better yet, she fantasized about taking charge and controlling her partner so that he would do anything she desired. Being the submissive during the encounter made me very happy. I let myself to enjoy the trip and was ready to let go.

Gorgeous young Black male, he was willing to take me wherever his girlfriend led. She was a stunning young Spanish woman, and her introversion seemed to vanish the moment she assumed the dominating role. Every instruction she gave in that breathtakingly lovely accent of hers landed within my body like a rock in the middle of a torrent, causing waves of excitation to follow. She instructed him to give me a passionate kiss while holding my hair, and she was right there with him. Caressing my behind, assessing my form for her intended next move.

He was skilled, and she was the mastermind behind it all. With each new demand from her and each new caress from him, I felt my body yielding on a deeper and deeper level as he kissed me. I could feel her breath on my neck. Their sensuality was palpable, and it gave me confidence in all that followed. Sometimes I would just close my eyes and ignore which of them was licking, piercing, or using their hands, lips, or toys to touch any part of my body. I lost count of time, clothes, orgasms, and most importantly, who I was.

Finally, when we were all snuggled together in a warm pool of nudity and my sperm, I felt the sweetness of knowing that all each of us had wanted was each other’s pleasure. And that we had gotten what we came for.

Somatica Expertise in Bars and Other Events

I’m positive that if I hadn’t completed the Somatica Training, I never would have been prepared for a sex party. Yes, I was aware of my strong sexual nature already. What I was unaware of was my true sexual identity and desires. In addition, I had been trained to keep my sexuality a secret from both myself and those around me, as well as to be courteous and a good girl. And I had endured so much humiliation.

I discovered my innate entitlement to my body, my pleasure, and my boundaries throughout my experience through the Somatica Training. I gained the ability to express my desires clearly and to end situations that did not seem right. I started approaching people I was drawn to instead of just waiting for things to happen. I stopped defining my value depending on my relationship status and accepted my attraction to younger individuals as a sign of my own confidence and desirability.

Additionally, I discovered how to accept intimacy and pleasure when they are given to me, allow them to completely enter my body, and experience the joy of life.

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