7 of the Best Sex Positions for Women

Do you find yourself in a rut in bed? Or hoping to improve the quality of your sex?

Discovering novel sexual positions to attempt presents a thrilling chance to experiment with your body and enhance your enjoyment.

The most important thing is to have fun throughout your sexual encounters; there is no one ideal position. However, if you’re seeking motivation, we’ve put together a list of some of our favorites so you can discover fresh approaches to feeling well.

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The ideal positions for female sex

Our investigators put in a great deal of effort to determine the top spots for sexual beauty. Even though the majority of them require penetration, you can easily add toys and accessories to make them fun for partners of all genders and sexual orientations (and even when you’re having a romantic relationship).

1.Doggy style

Not only is the doggie style of sex entertaining for men, but it also offers significant advantages for women. In this position, one partner is on their hands and knees while the other prods the vagina or anus from behind. The precise location of the G-spot is still up for scientific debate, but the deep penetration that comes with doggy-style sex may be the most effective way to access this potent yet enigmatic erogenous zone. To improve your chances of obtaining a female orgasm, you may also incorporate some clitoral stimulation into the mixture. For both sexes, the doggy posture may be the most comfortable for those with specific forms of back discomfort. Who was aware?

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2. The butterfly

Do you want your heart to skip a beat? While your lover stands or kneels in front of you, lie on your back on the bed’s edge with a cushion supporting your hips. The butterfly enables for deep penetration, much like the doggy form. One advantage it has over doggy, though, is that you’ll be facing your partner, which means you may keep eye contact, which is known to dramatically increase arousal.

 3. The cowgirl

Instead of spreading your legs wide as you would for missionary-style sex, keep them pushed together while lying on your back. Arrange for your significant other to straddle you, opening your legs just enough to let them pierce you. Reducing the distance between your thighs will make you feel constricted, which will probably arouse you both. It’s also easy for each of you to play with your clitoris and breasts to improve the sensation because of the space between your upper bodies.

4. The ballet dancer

Who says you can’t have fun without a bed? For sexual intercourse in the kitchen or shower, this standing position is ideal (just make sure you have something firm to lean against). Lift one leg and hook it as high as you can above your partner’s lower back or butt while facing each other. Don’t worry, you can accomplish this without having gymnast-level balancing abilities. For added support, let your spouse hold your leg while you wrap them around your neck or shoulders.

5. Spooning

Too tired for the jobs we currently have listed? Try spooning for sex; it’s the ideal position for a pre-coffee romp. As they hold your upper body in their arms while you are both lying on your sides facing the same way, slightly arch your back to allow them to pierce you. Maintaining a leisurely and sensual tempo is made simple by spooning. Additionally, the proximity of your bodies will probably make you both feel emotionally satisfied even though your eyes won’t contact.

6. The belly down

Another option in the doggie fashion is this: As your spouse enters you from behind, lay flat on your stomach with your legs straight behind you. As you would in the cowboy pose, try to keep your legs close together. You’ll feel penetration from a different perspective, and your companion will relish the tight grip.

7. The solo snake

This one is all you, as the name would imply. Lie on your stomach and try to grate your clitoris and pelvis against your hand, a vibrating sex toy, or a dildo while masturbating. It might be more enjoyable to add friction and thrusting action to your masturbation session than to stimulate yourself when you’re lying on your back still, and this could result in a greater and quicker climax.

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